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Who is the Aging in Place Consultant?
Your trusted partner in the aging process, the Aging in Place Consultant views aging from a holistic perspective helping you and your family to see the broader picture, allowing you to avoid many of the unseen issues of aging. An educator who helps to raise consciousness about aging, the Aging in Place Consultant motivates people to be proactive, giving them a more positive and empowering vision of the future.

Summer Jackson, the Vibrant Aging Solutions Aging in Place Consultant for Southwestern Michigan is a trained professional with 18 years of experience in helping older adults and their adult children with meeting their needs as they age. She has a B.S. in Human Services with an emphasis in Gerontology and a Master’s Degree in Management from Kaplan University.

Make her your first point of contact early on in your late 40s and early 50s when you begin to have questions or concerns about the aging process for yourself or a loved one. Summer will listen to your needs and she will help you to identify and evaluate your options for the best quality of life as you age.

A professional with access to a qualified network of specialists and professionals, Summer will refer you and your loved ones to trusted

professionals located here in Southwestern Michigan. Her goal is to provide you with the guidance and direction necessary to live the best quality of life possible while aging in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

How Does the Process with the Aging in Place Consultant work?
After doing a comprehensive consultation, the Aging in Place Consultant will draw up a summary of the information gleaned in the interview along with recommendations for resources, products and services that may be helpful. Recommendations are listed in order of importance along with referrals to professionals who can assist you with your needs. Arrangements for resources, products and services can be made by the individual member/family or the Aging in Place Consultant can be paid to coordinate appointments and the purchase of products and services if you so prefer.

What is the fee for the Aging in Place Consultant?
The fee for the Aging in Place Consultant is $60 per hour. Most Aging in Place Consultant sessions will be 1 ½ hours. Research and drawing up the recommendations may take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Follow up sessions are offered at $40 per hour.

Please contact our office at (734) 678-4179 to schedule an appointment.

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