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Over 40 million adult children are beginning to care for, or are already caring for an adult 65 years of age and older. (Pew Research Center)

With Vibrant Aging Solutions you will gain the support, guidance and resources you need to relieve some of the burden of taking care of an aging parent's increasing needs, experiencing less stress, more time, and much more peace of mind!

Longevity Solutions Coach Service Sessions

Family Discussion & Negotiation

When you have a parent/loved one who does not want to discuss important issues that you know need to be addressed in order for them to live the best quality of life. When you and your family cannot agree when it comes to making important life decisions.

Health Advocate

When you need a neutral third party to be an advocate when a parent or loved one is in the hospital, the nursing home, or still living at home using an in-home care company for caregiving services.


When you need a neutral third party to explore options, conduct research and discuss findings with, so you can help your parent/loved one to choose the best solution for their needs.


When you are worried or feeling overwhelmed with the fact that you are taking over more responsibility for your parent/loved ones finances, health and personal needs, and you need assistance with sorting things out and determining the best direction to go.

Real Estate and Housing

When you are worried about your parent/loved one’s ability to maintain and stay in their home, and you want to discuss housing options. When you need assistance with overseeing the sale of a home.

Financial Sustainability

When you are concerned about your parent/loved one’s spending habits and worried about their money lasting. When you aren’t certain of what insurance and financial products your loved one owns, how they work, or what the benefits are.

Estate Planning

When you have parents/loved ones with assets that need protection for Probate, having a well structured and properly funded Trust will provide that protection. When you have a parent/loved one needing long-term Nursing Home care and want to protect their assets from the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP).

Age in Place

When you are concerned about your parent/loved one being able to safely age in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, and you need assistance with knowing what to do and with helping them to be proactive.

Longevity Planning

When you are concerned about your own aging and having enough money, good health, and peace of mind to enjoy life into longevity

Bundle any two of these sessions and receive a 10% discount. Bundle three and get a 15% discount!

Book a coach to assist your parent/loved one with their needs in the comfort of home!

The Lift

16.0 Hrs a month plus 2 Hrs follow-up work

1/2 a Lift

8.0 Hrs a month plus 1 Hr follow up work

The Super Lift

24.0 Hrs a month plus 3 Hr follow up work

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