50+ Adults

50+ Adults

One of every four 65-year-olds today will live past the age of 90. The average 65-year-old man will live to age 84.3, and the average woman to age 86.6. (Social Security Administration 2018)

Are you prepared to live life on your own terms into your 80s and beyond?

Longevity Solutions Coach Services

Guiding & Assisting –

  • Life assessment and discussion of priorities
  • Review of options
  • Assistance with choosing vendors and providers
  • Referral to vendors and providers
  • Exploring options including Long-Term Care Products, Trusts, Financial Planning, Annuities, Income Tax Issues and Concerns, Reverse Mortgages, Medicaid Eligibility and Asset Protection, Medicare Supplements, Social Security Timing, and VA Aid and Attendance
  • Assistance with filling out insurance and financial forms
  • Future income needs discussion including loss of spouse
  • Family meeting to discuss objectives
  • Developing a budget
  • Paying bills
  • Determining if credit management is appropriate
  • Home assessment and recommendations for safety and aging in place
  • Medical equipment evaluation and location
  • Healthy eating & exercise discussion; recipe & equipment recommendations
  • VA overview and document collection for Veteran Aid and Attendance Program – NO HOURLY FEE​

Facilitating & Assisting – 

  • Assistance with interviewing vendors and providers
  • Gathering and reviewing documents (trust, bank statements, annuities, pensions, 401ks, life insurance, burial, investment statements, etc.)
  • Calling companies to get policy/account values, to check on beneficiaries​
  • Reviewing the original intent of life insurance policies and determining if money could be used for other higher-level purposes​
  • ​Review of health insurance and researching options
  • Assistance with obtaining Social Security from a deceased spouse – dealing with Social Security issues
  • Determining if long-term care insurance can be triggered, getting it triggered, and assisting with choosing the best care provider
  • Interviewing in-home care providers and coordinating services
  • Assisting with retitling assets
  • Setting up credit management services
  • Researching mortgage options and assistance with applications and negotiations
  • Meeting with professionals to assist in the process (doctor’s appointments, banking and finance appointments, applications for assistance, living arrangements, and government programs
  • Moving logistics including dealing with medical providers, medical equipment companies, and facilities
  • Review of vendor proposals, insurance and financial illustrations and products, sales literature, and real estate opportunities

Advocating – Taking up Your Cause

  • Overseeing the sale or purchase of a home/property
  • Conference calls to insurance companies to advocate for benefits, assist with necessary documentation and talk to management to get information and approvals
  • Overseeing the remodeling of homes for accessibility and aging in place
  • Appealing health insurance claims
  • Trust consulting and facilitation
  • Family negotiations and problem solving
  • ​Longevity planning
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