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Are you prepared to live life on your own terms into your 80s and beyond?

If your answer to this question is no or you aren’t sure, you are by no-means alone! Almost half – 49% of Americans cite running out of money as their chief retirement concern, with another 44% citing declining health.

So, if these numbers are correct, where can you go or who can you see to start the planning process and to gain access to the resources you need to be more confident about being able to maintain your health, finances, and lifestyle into your oldest years?

Vibrant Aging Solutions

Vibrant Aging Solutions is a comprehensive umbrella of services that empowers and informs you as you encounter the challenges – and joys – of aging. As you transition into your older years, we can help you to offset and avoid many of the difficulties you may encounter along your way.

The Vibrant Aging Longevity Solutions Coach is now available to assist you with putting a holistic plan together that includes taking a look at your financial, health, aging in place and long-term care goals, giving you more confidence about your future.

For Your Parents and Loved Ones…

We all want an outstanding quality of life for our parents and loved ones—but they may need more assistance than we alone can give them. With Vibrant Aging Solutions you will gain a trusted partner who will be there for you when you have questions and concerns and when you need help making important life decisions. 

Everyone 1 to 100 is aging! Vibrant Aging Solutions is your trusted first point of contact for the resources and Adult Life Planning that you and your family need to live the healthiest, most prosperous life into your 80s and beyond!

How to Access our Services


Schedule a free consultation

Call us or fill out our contact form to schedule a FREE, 20-minute no-obligation consultation.


Purchase an individual service, a service package or a membership

Make your purchase and schedule your appointment here online to book your first service appointment.


Look for a contact from one of our Longevity Solutions Coaches

A Longevity Solutions Coach will contact you via email to go over the details of your first appointment, to confirm the meeting time and to make sure that you are comfortable with the meeting process.


Meet with your Longevity Solutions Coach

  • If you have signed up for a specific service or service package, we will follow our designed plan for this meeting.  
  • If you are going through a transition or are in crisis, we will help you to assess your current circumstances and needs, give you insight into your best options, and determine if the assistance of one of our Preferred Providers would be helpful for you.  
  • If you have signed up for membership, we will do a review of your needs in 8 important areas, a short orientation, and we will gather information for your membership profile.


Get a written overview of our concerns and your best options

A written overview of our concerns and options for meeting and overcoming those concerns (pros & cons) as well as a list of any Preferred Providers who may be helpful for your circumstances will be provided to you and discussed in a short follow up meeting. If you would like for us to be on a conference call or Zoom with you and the professional we can do this, or, you can contact our Preferred Provider or a professional you know, directly yourself.


Follow steps 3 - 5 every month during your scheduled appointment time with your Longevity Solutions Coach

If you are a member, follow steps 3 – 5 every month to assure that you are being proactive and dealing with things as they come up.  If you would like to switch from appointment mode to check-in mode at any time you can do this with your membership.  We will call you to check-in and make sure you are doing alright when you aren’t feeling well, when your family is out of town, or you just need someone to talk to.  Change back to appointment mode at any time.

Vibrant Aging Solutions can help you

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August 18, 2023
August 18, 2023