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Education for individuals and families

Education is the key to prevention and to building an age-friendly community. Both of these are needed to live the healthiest life possible as we age. We offer seminars that can give you and your family more insight into the options available and the choices you can make early on for better, healthier aging.


An Aging World
Overview of aging in place
Caregivers & The Aging in Place Community
The Role of Complementary Medicine in Aging
Mobility Equipment & Aging in Place Technologies
Securing Your Ability to Age in Place
Insurance and Medicare Options
Home Renovation and Universal Design
Community Resources

  • presentations for organizations
  • Additionally, we prepare customized presentations for schools, churches and organizations. Features that can be built into your presentation include:
  • information about what is happening in our world in terms of aging
  • information about what is needed to age healthy
  • staging that can help people to better relate to what it feels like to age
  • motivators that inspire thought about aging and what can be done for people to embrace it
  • financial, insurance and investment strategies
  • examples of new technologies, products and appliances that offer new opportunities for careers and improvement of the quality of life
  • programs that this organization has developed that can be implemented by partner organizations to help people to age well in the comfort of home
  • suggestions are welcome
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