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We provide neutral third party support services that can assist you and your family with making the best in-home care decisions for your unique needs and budget. Our Life Service Specialists will partner with you through the care process providing you with the tools and support you need to help your loved one to live the best quality of life possible. And, when care at home is not longer viable, our Life Services Support Specialists can assist you with finding a community for you or your loved one that best fits your needs making the transition easier and much more comfortable.

Life Services Support Specialist
The Life Services Support Specialist will assist you with determining how best to proceed in the care of your loved one. A customized plan will be developed for you and your family which will include scheduling recommendations, types of assistance to be performed, and weekly calls to touch base and stay abreast of how the care process is going. Service providers, products and resources may not always be a good match and it is challenging to think

things through when going through difficult transitions and under stress. Families find that the Life Services Support Specialist helps them to see the bigger picture and gives them the information, support and confidence they need to make good decisions for their loved ones at critical times when they are needed the most.

We can also provide you with assistance in calculating your Life Service Provider’s hours and fees for tax, billing and donation purposes. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to tying together all of the care a loved one has been and is currently receiving for record keeping and invoicing purposes.

The cost for Life Services Support is very reasonable and is tied to the number of hours you are receiving care and the services you need. A small bi-weekly administrative and consulting fee may be charged as well, depending on your loved one’s needs. This small amount gives you access to weekly Life Services Support, your customized plan that will be changed as needed and to invoicing services as well.

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