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Home is a place for family. Have you or a loved one ever had any issues with the way your kitchen cabinets are laid out or with how non-functional the appliances in your bathroom are? You can be confident that you are not alone because the housing stock in America was built for a 30 year old, 6 foot tall male. How does this work for everyone else? Not so well. Certified Aging in Place Specialists can show you how to make your home and its appliances more accessible, comfortable and safe for you and everyone in your family.

Should I Remodel or Should I Sell?
Having a specially trained realtor who can help you to assess whether you should keep your home and remodel or sell can be invaluable. Seniors Real Estate Specialists, specially trained to help you with making these very important decisions, can guide you through the process and give you solid advice based on your needs. Their services are different than that of other realtors who do not having this specialized training and experience.

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