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Sarah “Summer” Jackson, a distinguished Longevity Solutions Coach at Vibrant Aging Solutions, has dedicated her life to fostering vibrant and healthy aging experiences for people 60 years of age and older and their adult children. With a rich background spanning medical management and staff leasing, finance, real estate, and experience in the legal fields, Summer brings a wealth of knowledge and a multifaceted approach to her role, ensuring her clients receive holistic solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Professional Journey

Summer’s journey began as the Administrator of a Medical Management Staff Leasing Company where she learned that alternative remedies, being preventive, and looking at our health holistically can heal and change people’s lives and then later as Recruiting and Training Director at David White & Associates in the realm of financial planning, she honed her financial skills. Her entrepreneurial spirit then led her to establish Rat Race Java & Gourmet Vegetarian Cafes, blending her love for healthy vegetarian food with her business acumen.

In 1999, she stepped into the role of Administrator at Sutter Estates, an Independent Living Retirement Community, filling it for the first time since its inception eight years prior and maintaining a six-month waiting list. Her passion for real estate saw her as a top-listing and top-referral agent and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist at Keller Williams.

Vibrant Aging Solutions: A Vision Realized

Summer’s vision, Vibrant Aging Solutions, was founded in 2004, born out of her profound realization during her tenure as the President of Professionals Caring for Seniors, a non-profit she co-founded. Witnessing seniors making crucial life decisions in crisis mode propelled her to conceptualize a platform that addresses the multifaceted needs of aging individuals, focusing on health, personal finances, insurance, housing, legal planning, independence & mobility, and communication.

Educational Backbone & Achievements

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Gerontology and a Master’s Degree in Management, Summer is also a Certified Senior Advisor and holds an Insurance License as an LTC Specialist. Her accolades include being a top-listing realtor and a top-referral realtor, and she is recognized as a Seniors Real Estate Professional.

A Trusted Partner & A Visionary Leader

At Vibrant Aging Solutions, Summer works meticulously with clients, prioritizing their needs and developing comprehensive plans. She stands as a trusted partner, overseeing every step of the decision-making process and ensuring her clients receive exactly what they need. Her leadership and innovative processes and programs are pivotal in the company’s growth, and her representation at events and presentations solidifies the company’s presence in the industry.

Personal Touch & Future Aspirations

A lover of healthy cooking, walking her dog Brie, swimming, and playing the flute, Summer’s diverse interests add a personal touch to her professional persona. Her long-term vision includes expanding Vibrant Aging Solutions nationally, focusing on hiring and training adept Longevity Solutions Coaches.

Sarah “Summer” Jackson’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for older adults. Her multifaceted expertise, coupled with her passion for healthy and vibrant aging, positions Vibrant Aging Solutions as a beacon of hope for many, helping individuals avoid crisis-mode decisions and live their best lives in the comfort and familiarity of their homes.

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