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What is aging?
It’s about time. It is about the way the body changes. When I was young I could do the splits, now that I am older I can’t do them anymore. At 72 I can’t do the things that I could do when I was 20.

Are you aging?
Oh yes. My skin texture is different, my hair is different, my eyesight is different, and I walk differently.

How do you feel about it?
There are times I wish I could still do certain things. But I have learned to go with the flow and not to focus on it too much or I might be upset all the time. I prefer to think more positively about it. A lot has changed in my life. When I was a kid we did not even have dishwashers and now things are much easier.

What do you think age-friendly is?
Something that makes it more easy for us to accomplish things. There are many appliances and products that help us to do the things we used to do. When I was a kid I played with jacks and pick up sticks. My great grandson now plays with an Ipad. Technology has really changed things.

Have you done any planning for living longer?
Yes, I am thinking of moving back in with my sister who takes great care of me. That is kind of a joke, but it is true.

Do you think that older people are miserable?
No, not necessarily. With some people nothing that happens or goes on makes them happy. But they were probably like that all of their lives. A lady down the hall from me who is 95 years old gets around better than I do. I think this is because she has a positive attitude and is happy with life.

Is DNA destiny?
It can be, but I don’t think it has to be.

Do you think that we age alone?
NO. No because take a mother and child when that baby is born and is dependent on her mother to feed her to coddle and love her. And at 2 years she is dependent on her mother for all kinds of training. In school she will meet friends and be dependent on her teachers for learning. Then she may go on and get married and have children of her own. If she doesn’t she will have nieces and nephews and friends who help her out and hopefully stay connected. There are still neighbors and colleagues from work, there are still others all around you.

Do you have any tried and true tips/resources for aging healthy?
Don’t go to the hospital. Do everything you can to stay out. I think to develop a healthy, happy attitude is what will get you through life. After you react to things get over it. Don’t let it ruin your life.

Would you like to know more about aging healthy and being age-friendly?
Yes I definitely would. I think that some companies may be trying to do that. Davie Crocket and Daniel Boon, they did not have nursing homes in those days. Then they came up with nursing homes to take care of aging people. Now they have these independent places like where I live. There is this and everything in between. I think that some companies are trying to help us age with a better quality of life. But I would definitely like to know more.


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