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Over the years I have told many of my clients that gathering all the information about a topic is extremely important when it comes to making the best decisions.  I have seen that many times, people have already partially made up their minds about the direction they do or do not want to go.  While this is quite natural, only getting information about options we feel comfortable with and not getting information about options we don’t feel comfortable with, or that we know little if anything about, can result in poor choices that we may regret later down the line. 

When it comes to important health challenges such as cancer, it is extremely important to learn about and gather all the facts when it comes to your options so that you can make the very best decisions for yourself and your family, sound decisions that you won’t regret later when you aren’t feeling well and going through treatment.

The Seniors Guide to Cancer is a great information/educational tool that you can use as a point of reference to get you thinking about being proactive and should you or a loved one be facing this way too often experienced life illness, there is a lot of great information that could be very helpful for you in your circumstances.  I believe that our genes really have little if anything to do with what illnesses and diseases we get, our lifestyle and environment are much more the predictor of these things.  Be proactive by setting yourself up with a good library of resources on important topics so that you will be more prepared should you one day face something as critical as cancer.

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