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About a year ago my sister’s doctor changed her world and mine when it comes to making her medications easier to remember and take on time, and I wanted to share with you about how her medications work for her now. This information comes from Simple Meds, but a lot of pharmacies perhaps even yours are now offering this med pack/service or something similar.

Simple Meds

Simple Meds℠ pharmacists dispense prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins in simple, multi-dose packets. The medications will be sorted and conveniently organized into single serving packets, labeled with the date and time they should be taken. And, rest assured, we coordinate with you, your doctors and your insurance company to make sure everything is accurate.

We know managing medication can be challenging. Simple Meds simplifies the process of organizing and taking medication, saving you time and hassle.

Abandon the pill box and see how simple medication management can be.

We’ll Talk to Your Doctors

We’ll contact all of your doctors to gather valid prescriptions. We’ll also check in with you each month to ensure we have the most up-to-date information. When it comes time to refill your prescription, we’re on top of it.

Medication Filled Once a Month

​Our pharmacists organize all of your medications into pre-packaged doses and fill a 30-day supply. We’ll review your medication profile every month to ensure each prescription is accurate and up-to-date.up-to-date.

Pre-sorted Multi-Dose Packets Make it Simple

Each month, all your prescriptions and medications are pre-sorted into packets according to the day and time they should be taken. No need to juggle multiple prescription bottles or pill box organizers. Just one simple packet.

Our Team

We have extensive experience dispensing pre-sorted medications. Our team is committed to providing safe, accurate medication doses with the warmth and care our customers deserve. Simple Meds pharmacists are licensed in all 50 states to support your medication needs. Contact Simple Meds at


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