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New Product Promises to Improve Lives

Evermind is an exciting new product that improves the lives of those who are living independently or managing a chronic disease, and those who provide care for them, by remotely monitoring the usage of home appliances and home medical equipment.

Daily rituals like making coffee in the morning or watching a favorite television show before bedtime serve as a way to check-in, signaling that everything is okay, even when it’s not possible to call or drop by.

Evermind looks for signals of activity and well-being by detecting when electrical appliances are switched on and off. Signaling that someone is in their routine, or that there is a change in activity which could be a cause for concern.

The Evermind sensor works at the power source and is compatible with virtually any type of home appliance or powered medical equipment. Evermind sensors connect to the Evermind network using built-in wireless Internet — no home Internet connection is required.

This new product can offer families great peace of mind and a very tangible way to know when it is important to check in with their loved ones. Take a few moments today and check it out at


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