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With all the talk about dementia and Alzheimer’s and the number of people who may have it or get it, I thought that it would be appropriate to talk a little about the “positives” of aging! Yes, there are positives for sure!

According to WebMD, research shows that when you’re older you may very likely retain the aptitudes that you have right now today. For example, if you are creative you will still be creative. If you have an aptitude for numbers, or for figuring out crossword puzzles, anything that requires mental ability, you will retain these abilities.

The only drawback that comes with aging is that people retain their relative strengths and weaknesses, but there is still a decline. Understanding this can help us to think about fine tuning other skills to cover the decline.

It is interesting to note that the average brain is not fully mylenated until we reach our 40s and 50s and until then we are still developing abilities, especially when it comes to our ability to use information. So it appears that we become more wise as we get older. Now that is refreshing news don’t you think?


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