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AARP has just published a report of their research into the needs of caregivers and those that need care called “Caregiving Innovation Frontiers”. It poses these compelling questions – “Where can I find reliable help with meals and medications?”, “What does this bill mean and will my insurance cover it?”, “How can I help mom and dad to feel safe and healthy?”, and…”Can 40 Million Caregivers Count on You?” To this question, I wish that I could say a resounding YES!! Having worked on a program that would assist adult children, their parents and family caregivers for the past 11 years, I feel that should Vibrant Aging Solutions take off, a lot of people’s lives will change for the better.

The report gives an overview of six areas of opportunity; Daily Essential Activities, Health and Safety Awareness, Care Coordination, Caregiver Quality of Life, Social Well Being and Transition Support. Vibrant Aging Solutions has programs developed to assist Caregivers in most of these areas and as we grow it will be so exciting to see what God does in terms of giving us a share in supporting and helping family caregivers to have the tools they need to take care of their loved ones and themselves. The report is well worth reading so that you can be educated about what is needed and what is available as well. And, we are all aging and have friends and loved ones who are aging too! The link to the report is provided for you below.


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