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What is going on?

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I generally don’t post anything here with any of my personal thoughts and opinions. I use this space for providing what I think is relevant information about aging. I could talk about myself and tell you about all of the experiences I have had over the past 23 years, but I thought giving your pertinent information about aging would be a good idea.

Here we are. For a person who has worked in the aging industry for years, what is going on is so hard that you cannot image. I have tried since 2004 to develop a system that could help people to avoid being in the nursing home. Now I have multiple clients and loved ones in the nursing home. We can blame COVID for what is going on, but their systems have always been horrible and now it is even worse. Any hope of experiencing human compassion and having a loved one cared for in any way has almost been obliterated due to this supposed crisis, and due to the fact that these institutions and their personnel are being paid bonuses for COVID diagnosis.

I am living in torment as so many of you are. I want to hire a company to move my loved ones home, but they cannot stand or do much right now and the companies that run these organizations know this.

God help us because they have not got our loved ones best interest at heart and for those who really need to be there, we cannot do anything to help them.

So, I have to make a very strong statement to you, are we going to be proactive and look at all that is available for long-term care so that we do not end up under the control of the government – Medicare and Medicaid, or are we going to just go along doing life until it hits us in the face just as it has for many of our friends and loved ones?


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